KOREA BOJAGI FORUM 2012 warmly welcomes you to this special event! August 22 - August 26

Registration and Cost

Accommodations: Please indicate your choice of single or double occupancy below. KBF registrants receive the special conference rate of $84.00 per double room. For more information on the hotel, please visit the jijihyang website, www.jijihyang.org.

Meals: Modest Breakfast provided by KBF. Lunch is provided on the post-conference tours. A Farewell dinner party on August 26 is offered to participants and guests at $40 per person. All other meals are on your own.

Forum Fees: Forum registration fee: $275 (fee includes August 26 Tour) Workshop registration fee: $150 for one 1-day workshop, $275 for two 1-day workshops.

Tour Fees: Seoul City Tour August 24 $150 (includes lunch) Suwon Fortress Tour August 25 $250 (includes lunch and Natural Dye workshop)

Artist Market in Heyri (Aug. 26th) : On Aug. 26 in the evening, KBF offers an Artists market open to forum participants and the public. Artists may register to showcase their work for a table fee of $150. Artist market table is 3กฏ x 5กฏ

Download Registration

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Fill out the KBF Registration and EMAIL to us! >> 2012kbf@gmail.com
We can't be more excited to have you!

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Pay in Full

We are accepting more people to join KBF without any late fee. For other payment options, such as on-spot payment, please email directly to clee@risd.edu

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3. Scan/Email the Registration
4. Send the FINAL $cost in U.S. check or PayPal