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Conference Hotel Forum Headquarters will be at the Jiji Hyang hotel located near the conference center in Heyri Artists Village. Comfortable double rooms are available at a special conference rate.

The ¡°homeland¡± of Bojagi offers special insight into the traditional materials of Korean textiles and fashions: silk, ramie and hemp, as well as handmade paper. There will be opportunities to see exhibi- tions and to shop in the famous Insadong arts district and at Seoul¡¯s huge and famous Dongdaemun fabric market, a source for both traditional and contemporary fabrics. Bojagi in Seoul is organized by Chunghie Lee, author of Bojagi and Beyond, with Beyond & Above Publications. Lee has been teaching bojagi and showing her work internationally for over 30 years. KBF is sponsored by the Craft and Folk Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, and the Museum of Korean Embroidery, Seoul, Korea. Host Institu- tions: The Art Factory (Korea). With Artist Foundation, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

Conference Costs

Conference Registration fee: $275 (includes Tour A)
Workshop registration fee: $150 for 1 workshop, $275 for two workshops (except Natural Dye workshop)
Tour B registration fee :$225 (includes Natural Dye workshop)
Conference hotel rate for double room: $80 per night

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