The Heyri Artists Community, Paju, S.Korea
& Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

KBF will convene at the Heyri Artists Community, a unique settlement of artists, designers, and architects located on the outskirts of Seoul. To learn more about Heyri, visit http://www.heyri.net/blog/ . Many renowned artists from the USA, Europe, and Asia have been invited to exhibit their contemporary Bojagi-inspired art works, from functional wrappers to wearables, to creative interpretations in two-and three-dimensional works. Conference attendees will be guests at the opening of a special exhibition of Bojagi interpretations by Eastern and Western artists mounted in seven galleries of the Heyri Artists Community.


Heyri Community Center

Workshops on Boajgi - related techniques

Art Factory, Porcelain House, and Jung Hansook Memorial Hall, Lee & Park Gallery, With Artist Gallery, Donghwa Nara Gallery and Nonbat Art Center.

Natural dye workshop:

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, A UNESCO-designated cultural site http://ehs.suwon.ne.kr/


Galleries at the Heyri Artists Community: Nonbat Art Center, With Artist Gallery, Porcelin House, Donghwa Nara Gallery, Art Factory, and Lee & Park Gallery.

Where to stay?

Forum housing will be at the Jijihyang hotel located near the conference center in the Heyri Artists Community. Comfortable double rooms are available at a special conference rate. www.jijihyang.org

Architectures of Heyri Village

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

Jijihayng Hotel