DAY 1 Workshops: FRIDAY, 8.24

Choose one workshop or one tour. (Registration fee)

Hand-Made Paper Brooch with Sanghoon Yang, Professor at Ducksung Women¡¯s University, and President of the Korean Paper Artists Association. A renowned paper artist who exhibits his works internationally will teach how to make several one-of-a-kind pendants or brooches (Materials fee to be announced)

Simple Korean Traditional Garment with Sunghee Joo, Ph.D, Professor at Hansung University, Seoul. Dr. Joo will introduce a simple yet versatile vest (long and short versions) made with either quilted fabric and/or layered Korean silk fabric. This garment technique may later be applied to a traveler¡¯s jacket. (Materials fee to be announced)

Korean Quilting with Jiseon Lee Isbara, Chair of Fiber Department at Oregon College of Art & Craft. Ms. Lee will introduce the Korean method of hand quilting that was used for the Bojagi made especially for keeping food (rice bowls) warm in the winter, and also for large quilted wrappers used as baby carriers. (Materials fee to be announced)

Making a Contemporary Paper Fan with Jongook Lee, Oriental painter and full-time studio artist. Mr. Lee will introduce the painted hand-made paper fan, an elegant accessory during the hot summer as well as an art object. An oriental painter, Mr. Lee creates his paper works from the bark of Mulberry trees he raises in his rural home studio, and does each step of the process by hand. (Materials fee to be announced)

Korean Traditional Paper Flower Making with Taeyeon Kim, Ph.D, Professor at Daegu University in Daegu. Dr. Kim will teach several different techniques for creating traditional paper flowers that can be applied to personal ornaments, wall pieces, and even installation works (Materials fee to be announced)

Joomchi Wearable with Jeeun Kim, Ms. Kim, Professor at Kyungsung University, Busan. Ms. Kim will introduce one-of-a-kind Joomchi paper garments. Her own art works, lace-like Joomchi paper works, function beautifully as both garments and fine art works (Materials fee to be announced)

DAY 2 Workshops: SATURDAY, August 25

Choose one workshop or one tour. (Registration Fee.)

Making a Traditional Pouch with Heesoon Yoo, Master Embroiderer with a National Treasure designation. Ms. Yoo will show how to make a traditional pouch, a delightful, functional ornament to carry for everyday or special occasions. Workshop participants will be provided with Korean silk for use in making several different types of pouch. (Materials fee to be announced)

Making a Wedding Bojagi with Inyul Heo, Seoul-Based Studio Artist and Professor at Sangmyung University. Traditional red/blue, red/green and or red/black wedding Bojagi are used in the wedding ceremony. A folded wedding Bojagi is made from a square two-layered fabric. The technique can be applied to contemporary color compositions, and can become 3-D pouch and/or a sculptural object (Materials fee to be announced)

Making Joomchi with Jiyoung Chung, Studio artist based in Providence, RI, USA, and author of ¡°Joomchi & Beyond.¡± Ms Chung will demonstrate the technique of Joomchi, a Korean traditional textured and layered handmade paper, and its many applications in contemporary art. (Materials fee to be announced)

Making Drawn and Hand-Painted Bojagi with Hyangsook Park, Emerita, Seoul Ms. Park will conduct a workshop on creating symbols often used in Bojagi. Working on paper or fabric, participants will paint and draw symbols with such meanings as wishes for prosperity, longevity, and happiness. (Materials fee to be announced)

Persimmon Dyeing with Jongook Lee, Oriental painter and Studio artist. Colors from persimmon dye range from warm orange-browns to deep shades of brown, colors that no artificial dyestuff can create. Mr. Lee will preserve the persimmon juice for this workshop. (Materials fee to be announced)

Suwon Hwaseong Tour Workshop: SATURDAY, 8.25
(part of the Suwon Tour)

Korean Traditional Natural Dyeing with Haehong Chang, a Fiber Artist/ Board Member of the Suwon Cultural Foundation. Ms. Chang, based in Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO designated cultural heritage site, will introduce various methods of traditional natural dyeing. (Materials fee to be announced.)