ABOUT Korea Bojagi Forum 2012

Forum Headquarters

KBF will convene at Heyri Artists Community, a unique settlement of artists, designers, and architects located on the outskirts of Seoul. Korea Bojaig Forum sessions and some workshops will take place in Heyri¡¯s Auditorium building. Other workshops will take place in Heyri and in the countryside outside Seoul at the ancient Suwon Hwaseong fortress, a UNESCO-Designated Cultural Site with a museum, and visual arts center.

Forum Exhibitions

Many renowned artists from the USA, Europe, and Asia have been invited to exhibit their contemporary bojagi-inspired art works, from functional wrappers to wearables, to creative interpretations in two-and three dimensional works. Forum attendees will be guests at the opening of a special exhibition of Bojagi interpretations by Eastern and Western artists mounted in seven galleries of the Heyri Artists Community.

KBF Exhibitions

Forum Group exhibitions will be mounted featuring bojagi-inspired works by
Korean Artists and International Artists.
¡°Bojagi & Beyond¡± International Group Exhibitions (Artists from Korea, USA, UK, Holland, Australia, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland)
¡®Seoul Inspiration¡¯ Theme Art Quilt Group Show (Korean and American Quilt Artists)
RISD Bojagi & Beyond (2012 Wintersession Course Student Group Show)

Individual Artist Exhibitions
Kyungae Wang (Korean)
Fiona Kirkwood (South Africa)
Nancy Crasco (USA)
Nina Bondeson (Sweden)

Keynote Speaker

Dr.Hur, Donghwa, Director, The Museum of Korean Embroidery. ¡®Aesthetics of Korean Traditional Bojagi. ¡¯¡¯ Dr.Hur is the original collector of traditional bojagi and has exhibited his collection throughout the world. He mounted the first Bojagi exhibition in Korea at the National Folk Art Museum in 1983.

Korean Lecturers (Partial Listing)

Sungsoon Lee, Emerita, Ewha Women's University; Director of the Soma Museum, Seoul
Youngsoon Kim, Emerita, Mokwon University, Seoul, and studio artist who exhibits internationally.
Soonhee Oh, Professor, Duksung Women¡¯s University; Director, Park Eul Bok Embroidery Museum, Seoul
Youngsoon Cha, Professor, Ewha Women¡¯s University, Seoul, President of Korean Craft Council.
Jeeun Kim, Professor, Kyungsung University, Busan.

International Guest Lecturers (Partial Listing)

Anais Missakian, Dean of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, USA
Maria Tulokas, Emerita, Rhode Island School of Design, USA
Jennifer McCabe, Director, Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA, USA
Kirsi Niinimaki, Professor, Aalto University School of Art and Design, Finland
Wendy Lugg, Independent Scholar/artist/writer/public speaker, Perth, Australia
Jiseon Lee Isbara, Chair, Fiber Department, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Portland, OR USA
Hiroko Watanabe, Emerita, N.P.O. International Textile Network Japan
Nina Bondeson, Artist/Educatior, Sweden

KBF Organizer

Chunghie Lee in collaboration with Beyond & Above Publishing, Art Factory, and with Artist Foundation.

Supporting Organizations (Partial Listing)

• Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA USA, • National Folk Museum of Korea, • Museum of Korean Embroidery, Seoul, • Park Eul Bok Embroidery Museum, Seoul, • Fulbright Korean-American Educational Commission, • Korea Fiber Art Fair Biennial, • Korean Culture & Design Council

Host Institutions

• The Art Factory (Korea), • With Artist Foundation, • Lee & Park Gallery, • Nonbat Art Center, • Jung Hansook Memorial Hall, • Dongwha Nara Gallery, • Porcelain House

Bojagi and Joomchi show was also at Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco in April- July, 2011. To obtain information about the exhibition, you may DOWNLOAD PDF.

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Registrants are invited to bring with them a 12" x 12" bojagi work, either of their own creation or from their collection to display in a special participants exhibit.

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